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What's a construction engineer and what do they do?

Structural engineers are the unsung heroes behind the construction industry. When facing ambitious construction projects such as towering skyscrapers or designing intricate bridges, structural engineers step in. Their expertise lies in analysing, planning, and ensuring the structural integrity of the built environment. At PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management, our Cork based engineers are ready to take on any engineering or project management undertakings your council or company may have across Ireland and the UK – here are some examples in which a consulting engineer may be required.


Key Scenarios Requiring Structural Engineers

Complex Architectural Designs: In instances where architects conceive avant-garde designs, structural engineers are indispensable. Our structural engineers navigate the challenge of transforming artistic visions into safe and stable structures.


Renovations and Retrofits: When renovating or retrofitting existing structures, structural engineers become essential. We will assess the impact of changes, ensuring the building remains sound and complies with modern standards.


Natural Disasters and Structural Damage: After earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters, structural engineers assess damage and recommend remedial actions.


High-Load Structures: Projects involving heavy loads, such as industrial complexes or stadiums, necessitate the involvement of structural engineers. We calculate loads, stresses, and strains to guarantee structural stability.


Consulting Engineers: Navigating the Project Landscape

While structural engineers focus on the bones of a project, consulting engineers address a broader spectrum of challenges. Our engineers in Cork act as advisors, guiding projects through various complexities.


Diverse Scenarios Demanding Consulting Engineers

Project Planning and Management: Consulting engineers are instrumental in the early stages of a project. Our engineers will assist in planning, coordinating different aspects, and establishing a roadmap for the construction journey.


Regulatory Compliance and Approvals: Negotiating the intricate web of regulations and obtaining necessary approvals can be daunting. Consulting engineers specialise in navigating bureaucratic landscapes, ensuring projects remain compliant.


Cost Estimation and Budgeting: Maintaining financial control is vital for project success. Our consulting engineers provide accurate cost estimations, helping clients plan budgets that align with their financial constraints.


Sustainability Integration: As the world increasingly focuses on sustainable construction, our professional consulting engineers contribute by incorporating eco-friendly solutions. We will help advise on materials, technologies, and practices that align with environmental standards.


Collaborative Synergy for Project Success

The collaboration between our structural engineers and consulting engineers is the recipe for the success of PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management. Together, they form a comprehensive team that addresses both the technical and managerial facets of a project.


Project Case Studies

Iconic Skyscrapers: The construction of iconic skyscrapers involves a seamless collaboration between structural and consulting engineers. We have vast experience in all aspects of structural design conceptualisation to regulatory approvals, their joint efforts result in architectural marvels.


Infrastructure Resilience: In regions prone to natural disasters, the collaboration ensures infrastructure resilience. Structural engineers fortify buildings against potential hazards, while consulting engineers streamline the approval processes for rapid recovery.


Generally speaking, the need for structural engineers and consulting engineers arises throughout various sectors and projects, but the essence of our work remains the sane. We will undertake all tasks, including the initial design phase and other navigational regulatory hurdles. We ensure structural stability on all projects, while keeping practicality and budget at the forefront of all projects.


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