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Disability access certificates


Our Disability Access Certificates (DAC) service at PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management is dedicated to ensuring inclusive and accessible environments for all individuals. We understand the importance of providing equal access to buildings and facilities, and our team of experts specialises in assessing and evaluating disability access requirements.


With expert knowledge of local regulations and industry standards, we meticulously review building designs, layouts, entrances, exits, and amenities to ensure compliance with disability access guidelines. We aim to identify barriers or challenges that may impede access for individuals with disabilities and provide tailored recommendations and solutions to improve accessibility.


By receiving a Disability Access Certificate, businesses and property owners demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and create welcoming environments for all. Trust us to deliver reliable and efficient Disability Access Certificate services, promoting equal access and enhancing the experience of individuals with disabilities.

Should disability access certificates be applied before construction?

At PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management, we recommend applying your disability access certification before construction. This will ensure that all safety regulations for disability access will be put in place correctly from the beginning.


What type of buildings do our engineers obtain Disability Access certificates for

At PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management, we cater our disability access certifications to two main property types:

  • Nursing homes

  • Apartments

  • Factories

  • Schools

  • Offices

  • Warehousing


Are Disability Access Certificates a legal requirement?

Disability Access Certificates (DAC) are a legal requirement in Ireland. Under the Building Control Act 1990 (as amended) and the Building Regulations, any new building or specific material alterations to existing buildings must obtain a Disability Access Certificate. The local building control authority issues the Disability Access Certificate and confirms that the building design and layout comply with the accessibility requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations.


This certification ensures that buildings are accessible to individuals with disabilities, promoting equal access and inclusion. Failure to obtain a DAC can result in non-compliance with building regulations and potential legal consequences. It is crucial to adhere to these requirements to ensure accessibility and compliance with the law in Ireland.


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  • What is the catchment area of our consulting engineers and project management services?
    PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management provides project management services to clients in Ireland and the UK.
  • Do we offer free quotes on our Project management services at PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management?
    Yes! PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management offers free quotes for all project management services.
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