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Project management


PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management is a leading provider of comprehensive project management services. For over 20 years, our company has assisted clients in successfully planning, executing, and delivering projects of all sizes and complexities. With a highly skilled and experienced professional team, we deeply understand project management principles and methodologies.


Our approach encompasses every aspect of project management, from initial concept development to final implementation and beyond. We leverage our expertise to effectively coordinate resources, manage timelines, mitigate risks, and seamlessly integrate various project components.


At PMCG, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results while adhering to the highest quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction standards. With our project management services, clients can confidently navigate through the complexities of their projects, achieving their objectives with confidence.

What types of project management services do we offer?

At PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management we offer a range of different project management services, including:

  • Project Brief Development

  • Architecture and Design

  • Fire Safety, DAC and Statutory Approvals Certification

  • Design Team Assembly and Co Ordination

  • Assigned Designer and Certifier

  • Project Contract Procurement & Administration

  • Project Programme and Scheduling

  • Project Budget & Pre-Tender Budget estimate & Tender Bid analysis

  • On and off-site Project Management

  • Cost control and quality assurance


What sectors do we cater our project management services to?

At PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management our project managers cater to a range of different industries such as:

  • Food

  • Industrial

  • Warehousing

  • Commercial

  • Sports Facilities

  • Residential facilities

  • Schools


What is the benefits of hiring a project manager?

There are many advantages of hiring our project managers for your next job:

  • We complete all jobs from start to completion.

  • Efficient resource allocation

  • Experience and expertise

  • Timely delivery for all projects

  • Quality assurance

  • Our project managers are skilled in identifying and mitigating any risks on site


To avail of our expert project planning services, contact our experts today!

  • What is the catchment area of our consulting engineers and project management services?
    PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management provides project management services to clients in Ireland and the UK.
  • Do we offer free quotes on our Project management services at PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management?
    Yes! PMCG Consulting Engineers and Project Management offers free quotes for all project management services.
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